Hello Everyone!

Tide Pool is closed. We ran from 2005 to the tail end of 2009, did 20-something releases, got in the order of 1,000 downloads, were played by people like James Holden, Chloe Harris, and Chris Fortier, and saw our artists leap boldly on to other labels, adventures, and music. We hope you liked it too.


tdpl1: fractal - bonus levels
tdpl2: antiguru - newtonian
tdpl3: robsounds - the robsounds ep
tdpl4: limbo - pioneer
tdpl5: mendel - we want to be free
tdpl6: various artists - the bootleg ep
tdpl7: shirt - the midievil ep
tdpl8: russian linesman - the russian linesman ep
tdpl9: fractal - multiple endings
tdpl10: betamax warriors - and all the time you were going like that ep
tdpl11: various artists - tide pool says hello
tdpl12: russian linesman - talon
tdpl13: cecil d - imposters in a digital world
tdpl14: robsounds - au poids du feu
tdpl15: how can you tell - the dreamer from the dream
tdpl16: caleb fox - play
tdpl17: various artists - the bootleg ep 2
tdpl18: limbo - junk
tdpl19: the sky patrol - the ultraviolet catastrophe
tdpl20: neon tetra - upset / surroundings
tdpl21: shirt - marksman
tdpl22: betamax warriors - mental bird ep
tdpl24: robsounds - lime ep
tdpl24: eddie cointreau - fish fingers ep
tdpl25: fractal - mistroad
tdpl26: robsounds - high rollers ep
tdpl27: limbo - targuus targuus ep
tdpl28: elkin 'billie' longton - my woman / my man